On this site you can find detailed information about the unique international competition GENIUS LOGICUS.

The Genius Logicus Contest has in a short time become the most dynamically growing competition in Central Europe with tens of thousands of contestants and thousands of schools (primary schools, secondary schools, conservatoires, but also secondary vocational schools, health and secondary art schools) taking part. (See references!).

Currently, the competition takes place in 8 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Romania), and there are ambitions to expand to tens of countries in Europe and beyond.

Competitors in no way need to prepare for the competition. Tasks are clearly different from mathematical ones and are designed so that the contestants find a solution through their own thinking and gradual steps.

Tasks are designed to exercise in particular the natural intellect and combining ability of students, which is useful especially in mathematics, physics and many other school subjects as the best basis for correct problem solving.
We are the only contest offering up to 135 winners in five age categories, financial prizes totalling 4.000 €.

This competition is the only one enabling international competition on such a large scale with thousands of other competitors, without having to go through elimination rounds. Competitors compete in the comfort of their own school or schools nearby, yet also have the ability to objectively compare themselves with their peers in international competition.
Competitors are ranked according to their school and country in which they live and the best competitors in each category are also ranked in terms of each country taking part.

Anyone interested in participating can sign up only through the coordinator at their school by their completing an online application form located in the "REGISTER NEW SCHOOL" section.


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