References and testimonials from past contest coordinators

The Logicus Genius Competition is a nice change from all the School Olympiads, Démosthénes, Pythagoriáds and similar things. In our spare moments, we probably all like to find, in various journals, conundrums, crosswords, sudoku or other logical puzzles, and Genius Logicus supports this play and fun for children in elementary and secondary schools.
Students from our school have been participating in the competition for three years. Already twice have three of them taken part in international championships. Last year we took part in the championship in two categories and this year in the category for younger pupils.
Each of the nine participating countries held an international championship at home, so we did not have any complicated and expensive travel. We found the University Elementary School in Prague, with no major problems. Here were gathered together about twenty-five of the best students and pupils in all categories according to their ranking in the national rounds. Each participant was given the particular task for their group and had a fixed time to solve it. Older students even competed in several rounds and thinking lasting several hours was completed by refreshment breaks.
The tasks were difficult, although the contestants knew certain types from previous rounds.
Logical thinking, quick reasoning, clear expression, and a large dose of intelligence - they were major factors in the international contest. You could see contestants’ interest and desire to overcome difficult problems. If only there were more young people having this kind of fun!
We thank the principal players and organisers for a good idea and its implementation, and we are pleased to be taking part in further years of the competition.
For the students and teachers of the Klatovy High School, Jana Soukupová

Students like the form of competition very much. It's excellent entertainment and intellectual achievements in the competition motivate them to do more work. Congratulations to the organisers for a great idea and I wish them more, interesting tasks in the next edition of the competition and I invite even more competitors to participate in Genius LOGICUS.
Maria Romanowska, Publiczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr II z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Marii Konopnickiej w Opolu, Poland

“Playful mathematics” especially interested our students. Finally an activity that is different than just “tedious computation or reproducing the knowledge of this or another field. Student could finally play without inhibition.
Mgr. Dita Maryšková, Slavic High School in Olomouc, Czech Republic

For successfully competing pupils it’s a crucial that the university entrance tests are paying more attention to logical tasks to detect independent thinking skills.
Ing. Štefan Fula, Private Animation High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

At our school we like looking for new challenges, so we participated in this international competition last year, which offers students new ways for solving logic problems by computer, and stimulates and develops logical thinking, which certainly helps students in identifying their talents.
Jana Draksler, prof., Fran Kranjc Elementary School, Celje, Slovenia

The competition organisers understood the importance of logical thinking when they launched this competition. The announcement of the competition attracted me, mainly because I’m also a passionate crossworder and logical puzzles are well known to me.
For my part I can only congratulate the organisers and wish them perseverance and unbroken optimism.
Marianna Kunyikné Járó, Berzsenyi Dániel High School, Celldömölk, Hungary

I personally think this competition is invaluable in supporting the development of students’ logical thinking in schools. I like the way that success for a pupil depends not only brain power, but also on courage to take risks and improvise.
Mgr. Radoslav Kačur, Mathematics – IT, High School J.M.Hurbana Čadca, Slovakia

My opinion on your competition is very positive. Most children were very happy and they enjoyed the fact that some of the questions seemed to be quite difficult. The children and I hope the competition will take place next year. I look forward to further co-operation.
Mgr. Zuzana Gavalierová, Komenského Elementary, Poprad

The Tasks are chosen very well and meet the stated objective - to develop and promote logical thinking. Also the questions and answer sheets are nice, graphically well created and understandable for students. I wish you a lot of success in organising further years of the competition.
RNDr. Marcela Štulajterová, Commercial Academy Trnava

This year 35 students participated in the Genius LOGICUS competitions in Tribeč ul. Elementary, Topolcany. 11 pupils (4th years) competed in the higher category. Despite the initial changes, students were interested in competition. I found the examples interesting, unusual and different from other competitions. Students especially appreciated the last competitive round in which each had to show their own logical reasoning to solve the tasks individually and had to rely on themselves.
The competition left an interesting impression.
For future years, I wish the organisers of the competition a lot of creative force and I believe that in the next year's competition there will be at least the same number of students than before.
PaedDr. Ingrid Paulovičová, Topoľčany Elementary School

After consulting with students who participated in the competition, we can express satisfaction with the tasks given. They were satisfied; the tasks were interesting and the school round was run well, in which appeared similar tasks as in the previous rounds.
Mgr. Anna Zemanová, ZSŠ Electrical, Liptovský Hrádok

The competition attracted great interest from our students, I often had to answer questions about the performance of individual schools or the dates of subsequent rounds. At our school we organised a preliminary round (using the tasks that were on your site). For the students who solved all the tasks, the school paid the fee for the competition while the other students who were interested in the competition, paid it themselves. The contest was interesting, the tasks were reasonable and the tasks were on a solid graphical level.
Ing. Štefan Fula, SSPŠ Animation, Bratislava

Based on own and my daughter’s experience with previous competitions involving logical tasks organised by the SZHaK for the motivation of students, higher non-correspondence round had been lacking. When students from various schools compete directly face-to-face, it encourages competition and motivates them to work more on themselves, than when they sit closed up alone at home and solve something.
Otherwise, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you because as a "fanatical" crossworder, riddler and solver of logical tasks I feel a kind of vacuum in the popularisation of such competitions among children.
Greetings and my daughter and I look forward to the competition next year.
RNDr. Emília Rigdová, SOU Poprad

At the beginning I wasn’t very enthused by the idea of a new paid correspondence competition, as there are a lot of similar ones. From the tasks in successive rounds, I realised that there it makes room for those bright students who are not willing to study additional in order to be successful in the subject Olympiads, but who have got ideas and guessing ability.
The original proposals for the competition were acceptable, and I liked the intention of meeting the most successful in the finals face to face.
Mgr. Anna Uhríková, Vráble High School

The "Genius LOGICUS" was attractive to the students. They found it interesting and inspiring, and it to developed their communicative abilities about mathematics, logic, ...
Mgr. Júlia Janeková, St. Augustine’s Elementary, Považská Bystrica

For myself and on behalf of the pupils at Ratková Elementary I want to thank you for the opportunity to compete in these logical games. It’s a very good idea to involve children in the competition, which continuously over a period of several months helps train the mind.
Mgr. Jana MIZÍKOVÁ, Ratková Elementary School

We are pleased that the results of the survey show that:
- As many as 94% of competitors wish to enter the next year of the competition,
- 98% of the competitors rate the tasks as interesting or very interesting
- 80% rated the competition tasks as moderately difficult
- 1: 1 was the ratio of interest in participating FACE-TO-FACE or by CORRESPONDENCE.


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