Brief overview

The beginning of the international logic competition Genius Logicus could be said to be the year 2005, when the current competition director Timur Zábuďko came up with the idea of a correspondence competition named young genius. This competition is considered to be our pilot competition. The contest started in academic year 2005/2006. Pupils competed in four categories. Two of these categories were designed for pupils in elementary schools, and two for high school pupils. The competitive tasks of young genius were originally divided into five rounds of competition, which were labelled A to F. Due to the long time to get responses from contest organisers and schools (at that time the contest was conducted by correspondence only) in the following years, we reduced the number of rounds. Each participant was awarded a prestigious certificate after completing all the rounds of the competition. According to the number of points gained certificates were divided into three groups (gold, silver and bronze). In addition to certificates the best three solvers received a financial reward of 30 thousand, 15 thousand and 10 thousand of the then currency, the Slovak crown.


After the great success of the pilot the competition organisers tried to extend this new project to other European countries. In the 2006/2007 school year, the competition, to aid understanding in all countries, was renamed Genius Logicus. The structure of the competition was changed into the form in which we know it today. Participants were divided into two categories of student (older students and younger students) and three categories of pupils (older pupils, younger pupils and the youngest pupils). The competition was divided into two rounds. Round A without timing and round B on a limited time basis. The contest took place in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia with participants awarded national and international certificates. For the best solvers at the end of the school year there was a round, which today we refer to as the Championship r the International Championship Round. The five solvers from each category in each State, upon completion of the Master Round were rewarded with financial prizes at the time, 5000, 3000, 2000, 1000 and 500 Slovak crowns, that is rounded to whole numbers 166, 100, 66, 33 and 17 euros.


In the next school year 2007/2008, the Genius Logicus competition was extended to other European countries like Romania and Russia. The structure of the competition remained the same, except there was also a new way to compete, online. Participating students and pupils were awarded 2 certificates, for participation in rounds A and B. This year also saw the second International Cup. The best solvers were rewarded as in the previous school year and a prize of 100 thousand Slovak Crowns was declared as the prize for the best solver of the International Championship. The condition for obtaining the higher prize was set so that 100 000 Slovak crowns, i.e. € 3320 would be won by a solver who placed first the International championship three years in a row.


In the academic year 2008/2009 the Genius Logicus competition again involved nearly 20,000 pupils and students from countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Russia, who competed by correspondence and online.


On the basis of the online Genius Logicus competition a new project called Maxitest was designed, which you can find on


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