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Competition with limited time "B"

Competitors can solve tasks in two ways – online or on paper. More in Forms of participation.

Contestants receive 10 tasks to be solved in about 70 minutes. Tasks are rated for difficulty from 1 to 5 points, but in reality they are a bit easier than 'A' tasks, so that they can be done within the time limit.

The school can print the assignments and answer sheets from the school profile after registering, and later send the scanned answer sheets to the organiser around the closing date .

The actual solving of the challenges will take place at all participating schools in March-April under the supervision of a co-ordinator and in the presence of other competitors (like a school exam) and with time measured for points differences for ranking the selection of winners.
The exact dates of the competition and the competition assignments are available only after the entry deadline specified in the notices. In the case of competition "A" it is usually just after the closing date for competition entries, and "B" 2-3 weeks afterwards.

The organiser determines approximately 10 days within which the coordinator and the contestants themselves choose the most suitable date for them to solve the assignments.

Competition 'B' contestants can participate regardless of whether they competed in the "A" competition. 

The best contestants in each category will receive an international certificate (!) with their placing in the rankings across eight countries! The best 27 obtain financial rewards (see below!) Other national contestants will receive a certificate showing the band in which they placed.
The financial rewards in each category will be based on the battle for the international championship between those who placed the first three places in the category, giving a total of 3 contestants from each of involved countries.


Category 06 - Bens – are not financially rewarded.

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