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Combined competition "A+B"

This means that contestants will be involved both of those ways, "A" and "B" at the same time (this is enabled by the timings of individual parts - Part 'A' from November to December, part "B" in March), thereby saving significantly on fees (see below). Contestants are also able to obtain a certificate in the 'A' part and a financial prize in the "B" part!
As both competitions "A" and "B" have their strengths, we recommend that you enter the combined "A + B" to enable yourself to be first acquainted with the time-demanding tasks in the correspondence competition "A" and understand the principles of solving them, and thereby be able to then get a better score in the "B" competition where there is a limited time to solve tasks in. We know from experience that those who have dealt with similar tasks in "A" will have a significant time advantage in competition "B". (Tasks in "B" are not identical to those in competition "A" - but some have the same basis).
Those who, three times in a row, enter the combined way "A + B" and the third time participate as students, are eligible to be an overall winner based on the sum of points obtained all three  times, receiving
                                                              3.330 EUR

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