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Information for students

You can enter very easily through the coordinator - a teacher at your school (usually as a teacher of mathematics or physics), by filling in an application and paying a fixed fee (see below), depending on how you want to join the competition. You can choose from the following three ways:

1. "A" - you will receive 20-30 tasks (depending on category) with difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 5 points. To solve them you will have approximately 6 weeks from November to January (the exact date will be listed in the instructions to the tasks). Then send in the completed forms with the answers. We mark the test in the shortest possible time and place you in one of five bands. If you are successful and get into the highest band as a "great solver" you get an international certificate! Other national contestants will receive a certificate indicating the band in which they placed.

2. "B" - you get 10 tasks, which you have to solve in about 70 minutes. Tasks are graded for difficulty from 1 to 5 points, but in reality they are a bit easier than 'A' tasks so that they can be addressed within the time limit.
The actual solving of the challenges will take place at all participating schools in March-April 2009 under the supervision of a co-ordinator and in the presence of other competitors (like a school exam) and with time measured for points differences for ranking the selection of winners. Competition 'B' contestants can participate regardless of whether they competed in the "A" competition.

3. Combined "A" + "B"- this means that you are involved in both the above methods simultaneously (the timings of individual competitions enable this), thereby significantly saving on fees (see below) and you're also able to obtain a certificate in the "A" certificate and a financial prize in the "B"!

Prizes in the time-limited competition

As the competition "A" competition and "B" both have advantages, we recommend you enter the combined version "A + B" in which it you first acquaint yourself with the time-demanding tasks in the correspondence competition "A" and learn how to solve them, so you can get a better score in competition with the limited time "B" competition. We know from experience that those who have dealt with similar tasks in "A" will have a significant time advantage in competition "B". (The tasks in competition "B" are different to those in competition "A" - but some have a similar basis).
Those who, three times in a row, enter the combined way "A + B" and the third time participate as students, are eligible to be an overall winner based on the sum of points obtained all three times, receiving € 3300!
This competition is the only one enabling students to compete internationally on such a large scale with thousands of other competitors, without having to go through elimination rounds, in the comfort of their own school or a school nearby and also giving them the ability to objectively compare themselves with their peers in international competition.
Each contestant will be ranked within the school and the country in which they live and the best contestants from each category will be ranked across all countries involved!
For further details of how the assessment process works and also the deadlines for sending answer sheets will be given to you by the coordinator, together with the competition assignment.
Your coordinator (teacher) can register you "online" on our website up to 27/10/2009.

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