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Competition rules

1. The contest is in logical solutions to the tasks, brainteasers and puzzles. The competition is open to all pupils and students in elementary and high schools.
At each school should be (determined by the school head) a teacher-coordinator, who will be the liaison person between students and organisers.

2. The competition consists of the CORRESPONDENCE COMPETITION, in which contestants receive 20-30 tasks and the LIMITED-TIME COMPETITION, in which contestants receive up to 10 tasks.

3. Contestants can enter in three ways:
"A" – CORRESPONDENCE COMPETITION – lasting 5-6 weeks from October to December,
"B" – LIMITED-TIME COMPETITION - lasting cca 70 min. held in March or April,
Competitions A and B are marked separately.

4. The pupil / student registers by giving an application form to the coordinator and upon payment of the fee to the bank account of the organiser, with an indication of the school ID code (assigned to the school by organiser) through the coordinator.
Schools must include the bank account number from which participation fees are to be paid!!!
Without the bank account number on the application form, the organiser won’t be able to match payments to particular schools.
Without payment of the participation fee it will not be possible to join the competition.
The organiser shall assign each school, an ID code that schools must quote in particular in registering, while paying or on answer sheets or any written communication with the organisers. If this is neglected the organiser accepts no responsibility for any misunderstandings arising.

5. Each task has a point value. For solving it correctly the contestant receives the given number of points. The tasks have clear solutions and dates; ways to solve them and send them back will be given separately for each competition entered. If the contestant solves a printed form of the assignment, the solutions must be completed legibly and in the given manner to indicate the correct answers on the answer sheets. Otherwise, the contestant runs the risk that his answer sheet will be marked incorrectly.

6. In justified cases, especially when the coordinator informs the organisers early enough or if assignments are lost on the way to the organisers, the organiser can take these factors taken into account and deal with it individually up to the total deadline for processing results. The organiser does not send back the corrected answer sheet, only in case of discrepancies and at the request of the coordinator shall the organiser send a copy of the answer sheet. Contestants send or complete online answer sheets before the closing date stated in the instructions.

7. Correct answers will be sent to the coordinator and will be posted on the date specified in the instructions to the tasks. The organiser marks answer sheets. In the correspondence competition, winners will be selected on the basis of the sum of points gained and rewards will be either a national or international certificate for the band in which the contestant placed. In the limited-time competition the winner is decided on the total number points. If the total points are the same, the time taken is the tiebreak. The contestants who rank in the first places in their category and country, proceed to the international championships, and can fight for a lucrative financial prize! Travel costs will be borne by the contestants themselves. Other winners receive smaller prizes or win national and international certificates, depending on placing.

8. The LIMITED TIME COMPETITONS are held at all participating schools in all countries under the supervision of the coordinator and with time measured. Timing means that the coordinator indicates time on the answer-sheets if the competitors solve the tasks before the time limit and if the answer sheets are to be sent by post. The time will be marked automatically if you enter solutions online.

9. Contestants can compete with in LIMITED TIME COMPETITONS with answers sheets completed either online or in the traditional way (more in the "coordinator").
To ensure objectivity a LIMITED TIME COMPETITON held in the traditional way, i.e. on printed sheets, must be verified mutually by at least two co-ordinators! Therefore, in organising this round at least 2 or more schools must combine! The maximum number of contestants is limited. If the results of the LIMITED TIME COMPETITON are mutually authenticated, the competitors will be awarded any winnings and the international certificates. For this purpose, schools may be combined, regardless of the associated categories, including elementary schools with high schools, as each contestant will receive their own tasks.
In exceptional cases, it is possible to agree an exemption with the organisers provided the objectivity of the LIMITED TIME COMPETITON is maintained.

Lists of nearby participating schools are sent by the organiser to each school taking part, showing telephone contacts and email addresses so that individual coordinators can contact each other and agree the details of the LIMITED TIME COMPETITON.

The above rules for combining schools do not apply for contestants competing online.

10. More instructions on methods of timing, deadlines answer sheets, how to fill in answer sheets and the method of mutual verification of results and lists of the nearest participating schools and other organisational details of the competition will be received by coordinators in conjunction with the competition assignments.

11. In the event that a contestant cannot participate in a LIMITED TIME COMPETITON, he or the coordinator may designate an alternative, as the fee for a contestant not participating in the competition, will not be refunded.

12. A list of winners and contestants, and the results of individual schools will be published on the website of the organiser and will also be sent to the email address of the coordinator.

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