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Instructions for registering pupils - A, B, A+B

The teacher-coordinator registers the pupils online. The advantage of registering via the Internet is that you quickly receive (by e-mail) a " registration list", with registered students and schools. This also includes the "ID-code of the school" and "ID code" of individual pupils and their passwords. The ID-code must be quoted in all correspondence with the organisers.

When registering a school you must indicate (if you are already registered, add) your or the school’s e-mail and the fax number for the school. Otherwise, we will not be able to communicate with you.

After entering the school’s ID code and password, you can also enter the database and edit or modify data, for example names, form of involvement, etc.
PASSWORD - in the 'Registration Database " section, when you enter your password you can enter the registration database and edit the lists of students and before the deadline for applications you can edit the number of pupils and form of involvement.

1. If you forget your password, use the option "Forgot your password?" A randomly generated password will be sent to your email address.

2. If you have forgotten your school ID code, please contact us by email or use the option “Complaints and questions.”

Schools which have ever participated in the past already have an ID code assigned to the school. To enter new competitors or make changes, they must go through the Registration Database. If they try to enter via the "Register a new school" option in the system they will be considered to be a new school and will automatically be assigned a new ID code, which will lead to duplication.

Schools involved in the competition for the first time, should use the "Register a new school". option. After registering you will be assigned a School ID, which will be sent to your email address. Then, register pupils using the Registration database.

For all other amendments and additional entries of students use the registration database.
Before registration please carefully read the section "Method and forms of participation" and "Payment".

If you wish to print and distribute complete information about the competition for pupils, we have prepared a brief summary of the data, which can be found in "Information for pupils”.

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