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Forms of participation in competition "A"

Contestants may choose from two ways to take part in the (correspondence) Competition 'A', which takes place over 6 weeks without the supervision of the coordinator and without timing.

1. ON-LINE FORM OF PARTICIPATION - contestants solve the problems directly on our website, or they can download them in PDF format either themselves or through a coordinator in the “Competition Assignment” section. As an answer sheet, contestants use the directly online entry form.

The advantages of online form are:

- Lower entry fee
- Faster access to tasks immediately after the deadline for receiving applications and payments (as opposed to the classical method, where contestants have to wait for the counting, printing and distribution of assignments)
- Preventing loss of answer sheets in the mail, and eliminating postal costs
- The coordinator receives notification on the status of arrived answer sheets at the closing time for sending answer sheets,
- Competitors can receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt of answer sheets if they give their email address (which contestants require if they forget their password too).

2. Correspondence - on paper forms, which can be downloaded in PDF format in the “COMPETITION ASSIGNMENT” section after login. The coordinator must print the answer sheets in A4 format. Assignments and answer sheets are not sent by post, because due to time taken to print, package and distribute by mail, it would take 4-6 weeks to get the answer sheets out (for delivery by e-mail this is soon after registration). The coordinator hands out the assignment to entrants and at the deadline sends the answer sheets to the organiser.

If a school registers by correspondence, the school agrees to print assignments and answer papers itself and to email the scanned, filled-in answer sheets and to the organiser.

All entrants from one school must choose just one of the above forms of taking part in competition “A”.

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