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Forms of participation in competition "B"

The time limited competition takes place over approximately 70 minutes duration, for all schools involved in each country (like an exam) under the supervision of the coordinators and with time measured. One new feature is the possibility of participating in the round on-line directly on our website.

In this case, time is calculated automatically.

Contestants may compete in the competition in the following two ways:

1. ON-LINE - if you choose this form of participation, you can login to the system and solve the assignments on our website under “COMPETITION ASSIGNMENT”.

The advantages are that:

• you do not have to be combined with another school in order to have unbiased measurement of time and supervision of the competition. Time is measured and recorded automatically
• you pay no postage and are safe from the loss of answer sheets sent by post
• Contestants don’t have to copy the answers on to the answer sheets (on-line they type directly into their answer sheet), thereby avoiding accidental errors and having more time to solve the problem
• other advantages are speed and hassle-free sending of answer sheets. By return you get a confirmation of receipt.
• if you have more competitors than computers, they can compete in several smaller groups.

2. By Correspondence – meaning on paper forms, which after login, can be downloaded in PDF format from the COMPETITION ASSIGNMENT section. Answer sheets must be printed in A4 format by a coordinator. The assignments and answer sheets are sent by email, because due to time taken to print, package and distribute by mail, it would take 4-6 weeks to get the answer sheets out (for delivery by e-mail this is soon after registration).

If a school registers by correspondence, the school agrees to print assignments and answer papers itself and to email the scanned, filled-in answer sheets and to the organiser. 

One requirement for this method is that either two schools compete together, or the coordinator confirms that another teacher from another school will come to hold the competition round, using a form downloaded with the assignment. The organiser sends a list of other nearby participants to each school in advance showing telephone contacts or email addresses so that individual coordinators can contact each other and agree the details of the limited time competition. In exceptional cases, it is possible to agree an exemption with the organisers, but in such a way that the objectivity of the contest integrity is preserved.

Completed answer sheets should be sent to the address of our partner school in your country: 

• Please choose only one form of participation ion the applications form. The chosen form is the compulsory for all participants from the given school!

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