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Fees and payment methods

The attendance fees for all registered pupils will be calculated and sent by the system to your e-mail address along with a "registration certificate". You should pay with one payment to bank account:

No.: SK53 0200 0000  0021 9635 5055
Name of the bank: VÚB, a.s.
Address of the bank: Mlynské nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

In countries where the competition is in its first year, bank account number will be sent with the call to specify the number of students on the date of the marking of the competition entries.
The bank account is always set up in each individual country. Schools do not have to make foreign money transfers. 

Do not forget to add your School ID code, so the organisers can identify the payment.

Participation fees should be paid at the latest 10 days after the close of registrations.

If a payment is made by someone other than school, for example an association of parents, pupils, parents and so on the ID-code of the school must be given in the message for recipient section of the payment.

Please inform yourself at the place of payment (post offices, banks, etc.), Where you can write a school ID code so that it can be seen by the payee - the organiser of the competition.
If there is no indication of ID-code we cannot assign a specific payment to a school.

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